Taking CTRL

What If the people had a say? Here is your Chance to take CTRL.

Taking Ctrl


What if the people had a say?

Have you ever wanted to have a say in what you can buy?

Well, here is your chance to take Ctrl. This project has two goals, develop my research and visual design skills, while creating a real end product people will enjoy. How I am I going to do this? With the help of you!


"Neat, what do I get?"

The chance to be apart of a unique design process and shirt you actually would want to wear, because you helped design it! Aswell, I will be choosing winners to get a shirt of their choice for free!

Yes FREE! How cool is that?



"Super cool, so how will this work?"

Glad you asked! This is what Im planning.

  1. I'm going to ask you to check out the current designs.
  2. You will fill out the survey and I will get the results.
  3. I will iterate the top designs to make a better product.
  4. The designs will be sent to a merch producer.
  5. You can then buy them!

After completing the survey, you can choose to be notified when the final designs are ready to be purchased. At that time you may then buy a shirt you helped create!



"Great, but I'm not on board yet Aaron."

That's fine! You don't have to buy anything! What I'm hoping for most is a chance to create, not to earn.

The main goal of the project is to gain experience with a live product by creating a unique and minimalistic design.

If the shirts never go on sale that's fine, I will still go through the project by posting the results and final designs.


"Okay, I'm in, where do I start?"