Creating the first global sourcing web platform without altering a tried and true practice.

Omnae Web App. UX/UI Contract
March 2017


The Opportunity & Challenge:

Global sourcing is the creation of a physical product from design into prototype then production via an array of worldwide manufacturers or producers.

Padtech has been successfully using their method for decades, however, with the digital age advancing upon this industry, there was an opportunity to create a web application for this process. Recently they have started development on an online version of their common practices named Omnae to streamline and digitise the process. Padtech came to me to adapt this Omnae prototype application by applying UX and UI practices to optimise a tried and tested process of business.


Project Highlights


User Data


With quality and knowledge of parts status a prevalent trait of interviewees, It was back to the initial prototype to see if it could easily display those two. This  is where I found the first areas to expand and take this design to the next level. The prototype had a major lack of layout and consistency, harming the experience users would encounter.



Dashboard Before

Dashboard After





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