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"People experience design, I design experience."


As the digital landscape changes, so must the ones who design it. Trends come and go but the adapting minds that create them stay to learn and push what's considered permanent. I have one of those minds.

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, my goal has always been to create and contribute. With all signs pointing me to design, it lead to my education at Vancouver's own RED Academy and my Diploma of User Experience Design and Certification of User Interface Design.

Now equipped with a toolbelt of skills and knowledge, my approach goes past wireframes, flows, post-its and sitemaps. My design solutions are beyond what's the latest trend,  they're the result of a deep dive in the user's psyche. 

This approach is not just about ones and zeros of research data, it's focused on the emotional response to digital interface. The result is tailor-made solutions that create conversion, conversation and satisfaction. 

I am ready for your opportunity, do not let it go without a professional mind.


Current Employment: Full time UX & UI Designer at


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